Standard Telescope Tube Rings and Rotating Rings

Price Per Pair (Last Update: 07/01/2018)

Please specify your drilling and tapping requirements when ordering (No Extra Charge)

Standard Tube Rings
75mm OD tubes (Astro-Tech AT-66, Willam Optics ZenithStar 66 SD APO) $105
3" OD Tubes (TeleVue TV-85 Refractor) $105
95mm OD Tubes (Takahashi FS - 78, Sky - 90, Takahashi FSQ-85) $125
100mm OD Tubes (Orion ED80 and ED100) $125
4" OD Tubes (Genesis, Genesis SDF, TV-101, TV-102, NP-101, Orion ED80) $125
114mm OD Tubes (102 ED/APO, Takahashi FS-102 and FSQ-106, 4" Unitron)$125
125mm OD Tube, Takahashi FSQ-106ED, New TSA-120"$175
5" OD Tubes (TeleVue NP-127) $175
130mm OD Tubes (Explore Scientific 127 ED Aluminum Tube)$175
5.5" OD Tubes (Astro-Physics 130 EDT, Meade 127EDT, Pentax 125) $190
145mm OD Tubes (Takahashi FS 128) $210
146mm OD Tubes (Explore Scientific 127 ED Carbon Fiber Tube) $210
150.1mm OD Tubes (TEC 140 APO) $170
6" OD Tubes (D&G 5" Refractor) $170
155mm OD Tubes (Takahashi FS 152, Takahashi TOA-130)$195
6.5" OD Tubes (Astro-Physics 155 EDF Refractor) $180
6.96" OD Tubes (Explore Scientific ES152 ED Carbon Fiber) $180
7" OD Tubes (Meade 152 ED, D&G 6" Refractor)$170
179mm rings for Takahashi TOA-150 refractor$325
7.5" OD Tubes (Starfinder 6", Parks 6")$200
8" OD Tubes (Meade 178 ED, Astro-Physics 180 EDT, Takahashi MT - 160, Epsilon 160) $230
8.9" OD Tubes (Celestron C-8) $220
9" OD Tubes (D&G 8" Refractor) $220
9.1" OD Tubes (Meade 8" SCT) $250
232mm OD Tubes (Takahashi E-180, Vixen Visac 200 Newtonian, AT 8 RC)$250
9.5" OD Tubes (Starfinder 8") $220
9.69" OD Tubes (Meade SN-8 Schmidt-Newtonian) $250
10" OD Tubes$250
10.3" OD Tubes (Celestron C-9.25)$250
11" OD Tubes$280
11.63" OD Tube (Meade 10" SCT, Meade SN-10 Newtonian) $280
11.69" OD Tubes (AT 10 RC)$300
11.75" OD Tubes (Deep Sky Instruments RC-10) $300
12" OD Tubes (Celestron C-11, Vixen 260) $250
12" extra heavy duty - for 10-12" refractors $460
12.7" OD Tubes (Meade 10" Starfinder)$250
13.6" OD Tubes (Meade 12" SCT) $300
14" OD Tubes$380
14.17" OD Tubes (AT 12 RC)$400
15" OD Tubes$400
15.3" OD Tubes(Celestron C-14)$410
15.7" OD Tubes(Meade 14" SCT) $430
16" OD Tubes $430
16.4" OD Tubes(Parks 12.5" Newtonian) $449
17.5" OD Tubes (Meade 16" SCT) $499
19" OD Tubes(Meade DS16A, 16" Starfinder)$549
20.7" OD Tubes $569
22.4" OD Tubes$569
26.4" OD Tubes$689

Rotating Rings
6.5" rotating rings (MN-56) $500
7" rotating rings (Ceravolo HD145) $500
7.64" rotating rings (MN-66) $500
9.5" rotating rings (Parks 8" and Starfinder 8" Newtonians) $600
10" rotating rings(for model PI200 and 10" alum. tubes) $600
12" rotating rings(for model PI250 and 12" alum. tubes)$600
15" rotating rings(for model PI320)$900

Specify drilling and tapping requirements when ordering. Other sizes larger and smaller are available. Please inquire. Aluminum bridge plates, platforms, and guide scope rings are also available. Please inquire. Prices do not include shipping.


All optical components are guaranteed to deliver diffraction limited performance as specified in our catalog. In the highly unlikely event that you feel the optics are not performing as specified, return them to us and we will correct the problem at no charge.


Complete telescopes, tube assemblies, and equatorial mounts require 50% down. Balances are due upon completion. A notice will be sent when item is ready to ship. Payment may be made by PayPal, personal check, bank check, or money order. International orders must be paid in U. S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank or by international money order, or via PayPal.


Aluminum tubing, rotating rings, standard rings are shipped via United Parcel Service. Equatorial mounts ship via UPS - Supply Chain Solutions. Small international orders ship via U.S. Postal Service air parcel post. Large international orders normally ship UPS - Supply Chain Solutions unless other arrangements are requested by the customer.

Product Specifications

We reserve the right to modify our mechanical and optical components at any time in the interest of continuing to offer the highest quality product possible.

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