NEW Steel Observatory Piers

The ultimate in structural rigidity, we now offer our custom steel obervatory piers.

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Newtonian Reflecting Telescopes

We offer Newtonian reflecting telescopes in apertures of 10", 12.5", 14.5", and 16". Since all of our tube assemblies are built on a custom basis, the customer may choose his required focal ratio. We routinely build telescopes as fast as F/4 and as slow as our high magnification planetary F/10. All telescopes are manufactured of aluminum and stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. Additional features such as mirror cooling fans, tube baffling systems, low profile baffled focusers, and of course high quality optics combine to produce stunning planetary and deep sky images.

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Classical Cassegrain and Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain Telescopes

Parallax also offers Classical Cassegrain and Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain telescopes in 10", 12.5", 14.5", and 16" apertures. The Classical Cassegrain offers a very long focal length in a relatively compact tube. They are excellent instruments for high magnification planetary and double star work. The Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain with its F/20 focal ratio and smaller central obstruction is perhaps the ultimate high magnification visual planetary telescope.

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Parallax Equatorial Mounts

All of our mounts are of the German equatorial design. We employ large housings engineered with minimal distances between the junction points. Large thrust surfaces ensure maximum stability and rigidity. As a result, almost instantaneous dampening is achieved when the telescope is manually slewed or accidentally bumped.

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Standard Tube Rings and Rotating Rings

We offer over 30 different sizes of telescope tube mounting rings ranging from 3" to 24" diameter including many metric sizes. Custom sizes are available.

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Aluminum Telescope Tubing

Aluminum telescope tubing for Do-it-yourselfer's

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New Portable Piers

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