Steel Observatory Piers

For the ultimate in structural rigidity, we now offer our steel observatory piers. The tapered design (shown left) can be custom made to any height to accommodate Newtonians, Cassegrains, and Refractors. Various pier adapters are available from Astro-Physics, Bisque, Dan's Pier Plates, Losmandy Titan, etc. Just bolt on your equatorial mount. Since these are custom manufactured to your specifications, please inquire for pricing. We are happy to assist you in the design of your observatory pier.

Choice of Gloss Black, Gloss Metallic Dark Gray, or Gloss White finish

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LEFT: 18" x 18" to 8" x 8" tapered observatory pier with 24" x 24" baseplate and i Optron mount adapter. 30" tall for Newtonians. Gloss black finish

LEFT: 48" tall observatory pier for large refractors, SCT’s, and Cassegrains