D. Levine, custom Newtonian rotating rings

"I've been looking at and through scopes for about 27 years and have seen quite a few rotating rings but I have never seen any that were as smooth as these. Thank you very much."

Scott Thompson, Alabama, Model HD 200C mount owner

"Received the mount yesterday. Wow! What a hoss! The mount is very smooth in operation and easy to balance and adjust for polar alignment. Just what I was looking for. I'm going to enjoy this mount immensely."

D. Kropelnicki, custom tube rings

"Just wanted to let you know that the new scope rings arrived today and they are spectacular! Thank you very much for a perfect job!"

George M., New South Wales, Australia

"Just a few words to let you know that I am very happy with the PI 400C, 16" Classical Cassegrain that I purchased from your company. The views that were obtained of Mars, when the atmosphere cooperated were simply out of this world, so to speak. A magnification of 600X was used with no sign of image breakdown. I'm sure the scope could have coped with more magnification. The 3 cooling fans are a great aid. Using a magnification of 250X the star Antares was cleanly split with jet black sky separating the companion from the primary. Thanks again for a great scope."

R. Shartrand, Model HD 150 mount owner

"Just to update you on the performance of my HD 150 German equatorial mount. I'm getting 4 arc seconds of periodic error which is very good. At F/9, I'm getting excellent unguided 60 second exposures and sometimes 120 second exposures with great round star images. This means I can track and accumulate at F/9 and get as many 60 second unguided exposures as I want and get round star images."

John Samouce, Sula, MT, Series 125 mount owner

"Tracking is smooth and solid."

Dr. William Owen, Durham, NC, Model HD 150C mount owner

"I have been very pleased with your service, responsiveness, and the quality of your products. I also own products from another well known manufacturer. You're a great alternative! American made, same quality, no price differential, and a reasonable waiting time. In the future, I'll call you first!"

Mike Clayton, University of Wisconsin, PI 250, 10" Newtonian owner

"Everything came together last night. All the bugs have been worked out with the dome. We had an incredible moonless night. Your scope is outstanding! Yes, I know it was designed for planetary work but I love globular clusters and planetary and emission nebulas. The view of M13 was astonishing. The views seemed as bright as with my old scope, only the stars in the center were easily resolved as separate points of light. The Ring, Dumb-bell, and Lagoon nebulas were all as visually striking as I have ever experienced. Thank you for catering to those of us who love fine optics and quality machined German equatorial mounts."